PRaHMIS Features

PRaHMIS, the Patients Record & Hospital Management Information System, is a hospital automation solution enabling you to run your hospital most efficiently, reducing operational cost, maximizing profits and achieving maximum satisfaction level of your patients.


Create Patient Appointment
Edit/Update or Re-Schedule Appointments
Print Appointment Slip
Cancel Appointments
Display Doctor’s Appointments List

Patient Medical Record

Patient’s Medical Record Includes:
Patient Complaint
Patient Examination Findings
Patient Significant Past Medical History
Provisional Diagnosis
Investigations & Results (Test, Radiology, Ultrasound etc)
Treatment Info
Add/Update allowed to authorized users only e.g. Consultant/Doctor
Add/Update Activity Log created on What, When, Whom basis

Hospital Admissions & Discharge

Check Required Room/Ward Bed Availability
Allocate Room/Ward Bed to patient
Edit/Update Room/Bed Allocation
Display Rooms/Beds Occupancy & Availability Status
Print Admission & Payment Slips
Discharge Patient & Update Room/Bed Status
Print Discharge Slip


Manages Indoor Outdoor Medicines Sales
Indoor Patients payments deducted from deposited amount/account
Outdoor patients pay through cash
Maintains Products/Stocks Inventory
Manages Stock Replenishment
Manages Sales & Returns
Allows Search and Find Sales Invoice by Pharmacy Unique Reference #
Allows Discount & Prints Receipts


Manages Indoor/Outdoor patients Laboratory Tests
Create Patient Tests Record with Unique ID
Print Test & Payment Receipts
Indoor Patients payments deducted from deposited amount/account
Outdoor patients pay by cash
Search & Find Patient Tests Record By Unique ID
Enter Tests Results
Generate & Print Test Results Report


Manages Patients Payments, Advance Deposits
Maintains Patient’s Payment History
Generate Patients Funds Deficiency Alerts
Generates, allows searching & finding patient’s Invoices
Process refunds and allows discounts
Manages Expense heads and allows expense entries


Flexible Reports Generation & Printing
Daily, Monthly, Yearly or specific Date Range
Income Reports Bifurcated by Revenue Heads
Pharmacy Sales & Net Profit Report
Pharmacy Indoor & Outdoor Sales Report
Laboratory Indoor & Outdoor Revenue Report
OT Indoor & Outdoor Patients Revenue Report
Head-wise Expense Report
Doctor’s Operations Report
Doctor’s admitted Patients List
Discharge Patients List
Rooms/Beds Occupancy Report
OT Schedule Report

Hospital Configuration

Configure Hospital by entering information about:
Hospital Name, Address, Patient ID Format, Billing Currency
Rooms/Wards & Beds Numbers, Categories, Pricings
Consultants/Doctors, Specialty, Visiting timings, Consultancy Fee, Clinic #, Contact Info
Operation Theater Names/Numbers
Operations/Procedures Categories, Titles, Pricings
Laboratory Tests, Test Types, Price
Expense Heads

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PRaHMIS has been developed to fully automate your hospital according to the international standards, enabling you to transform your entire manual & time consuming processes to the fastest, most accurate & most efficient processes thus saving you time & money

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