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PHIMS - Hospital Management System (Basic Version)

Price: $35.00 Only

PHIMS is Basic Version of our Hospital Management System Available on CodeCanyon for just $35.00 only. You may visit CodeCanyon marketplace by clicking the “GET FROM MARKETPLACE” button to know more about it. This version may be suitable for managing small hospital or clinics. You may also explore Our Enterprise Hospital Management System (PRaHMIS)

GLASY - General Ledger Accounting System

Price : $19.00 Only

GLASY is developed to help small & medium size businesses to manage their accounts. It is available on CodeCanyon marketplace. You can know more about the system by clicking on “GET FROM MARKETPLACE” button. Alternatively you can read further by clicking on GLASY

TourSenseKPK - Android Mobile Application

Price: Free

TourSense KPK is an Android Mobile application developed to facilitate tourists visiting Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Tourists Distintations. You download free of cost by vsisiting Google Play Store.

Digital Wallet - Money Management Mobile App

Price: Free

Digital Wallet is money management mobile applications developed to help users to plan budget and streamline their expenses with allocated budget. You ca find more about the application on Google Play Store by clicking on the “GET FROM GOOGLE PLAY STORE” button.

Notify On Call

Price : Free

Fantastic Free “Notify On Call” alert application. This application uses camera flash to alert user about the incoming call.This application is very useful when you are busy in a meeting or your mobile is in silent or vibration mode. Also this application is designed to notify user about incoming call by blinking flash when the user is in a place where the ringtone cannot be heard. You can get further details by clicking on the “GET FROM GOOGLE PLAY STORE” button.

Send Contact - Android Mobile App

Price: Free

Fabulous Free “Send Contact” application. This application aims to make your contact sharing very easy. This application is very useful if you want to share a contact details with others. The application copies the contact details directly into your message body from where you can directly send it to desired recipient(s). Get it from Google Play Store for free.