PRaHMIS has been developed to fully automate your hospital according to the international standards, enabling you to transform your entire manual & time consuming processes to the fastest, most accurate & most efficient processes thus saving you time & money and at the same time ensuring the highest satisfaction level of your patients.

Whether you are an owner or manager of a Hospital or Medical Center, your main objective is to ensure that patients get best services and maximize return on your investment (ROI). PRaHMIS provides intelligent, customized & categorized reports generated by a single click of button giving you complete & accurate information on revenue generated, expenses incurred, and daily/monthly profit & loss statements. Revenue leakages can be spotted instantly and rectified. .

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Human Resource Management has become specialized business function. Organizations need tools and technologies to realize the full potential of their human capital. Parexons Human Resource Management System has been developed to help achieve organizations the following key benefits:

  • Manage & Optimize Workforce
  • Store, Retrieve & Safeguard Employees Info
  • Reduce cost and increase operational efficiency
  • Realize immediate productivity gains


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Smart Document Management System (SDMS) is web based document control and management solution,  integratable with major cloud storage solutions such as Dropbox, Google Drive & OneDrive.

SDMS incorporates smart features allowing users to create documents through user-defined interfaces (smart forms & sheets), allowing setting user permissions & approval hierarchy with interactive user comments and additional supporting documents attachments features.

SDMS provides all the features that are required for managing documents such as document storing & retrieval, document categorization, document version control, user access control/user permissions, document sharing & document tracking etc

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General Ledger Accounting System (GLASY) is web based Double Entry System supporting multiple companies and multiple accounts. It is designed to cater for small to medium size business accounting needs. It is very easy to use and very affordable.

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Easy to Use

Elegant & Intutive User Interface, Built-in User Help Guide

Responsive Design

Self Adjusting to Various Screen Sizes Such as Tab, Smart Phone, Laptop & Desktop Monitors etc

Standarised Workflows

Implementing Standard Business Processes, Well documented


Configurable to Your Organisation’s Environment from Admin Interface


Built-in Security, Developed in MVC Framework, Authenticated Access

Back-Up & Restore

Built-in System Back-up & Restore functions

Maintenance & Support

System supported by our technical support team round the clock

Future Upgrades

Free Software Upgrades

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